Commission Me To Write A Song (extremely limited)

Commission Me To Write A Song (extremely limited)

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I will write and record a studio-quality song based on the information that you give me.

Eg, A song about the love of your life.

We will either exchange emails or phone conversations regarding the song and its subject.

This can take from 1 week to 6 weeks depending on the "creative flow" and availability of other musicians

You will receive a version of the song recorded for you.  I will retain copyright and all rights with regard to publishing and royalties.  I may re-record the song and use it as a single or an album track in the future but the recorded version you receive is unique to you.  You are free to share and listen to the song any way you see fit but you are not permitted to make any money from the song by selling it or uploading it to a streaming service.

The song will be registered to me before it is delivered to you.